Have recently filmed my role in the new Littlewood’s adverts, which sponsor Superstar on ITV.

The Saturday night entertainment show sees Andrew Lloyd Webber on a search to find the next lead in his Jesus Christ Superstar musical arena tour.

Playing on the Superstar theme, my character was an everyday mum who gets transformed into a ‘Superstar’ mum by wearing Littlewood’s clothes. In order to turn me into a glamour puss, the make-up team used copious amounts of hairspray, false eyelashes and lashings of lip gloss. As someone who loves all things to do with hair and make-up, this was a dream job for me!

My favourite ident is my Sandwich Box Superstar mum. We used a garden leaf blower and a hairdryer for the wind tunnel effect! Who would have guessed it…

[jwplayer=”2″ file=”http://youtu.be/F8hdAS2uo5A”]

For the ‘School Run Mum Superstar’ I had to come down the stairs and step onto a moving platform – not easy when you’re trying to look sexy…..

[jwplayer=”2″ file=”http://youtu.be/TI7rvpJ-O_8″]